Reliable granaries

The productivity and quality of grain crops on the Russian fields have improved remarkably over the last decade. However, the harvest is not what is on the field but what is in the granary.

Today, the Russian elevator infrastructure has dramatically improved. This industry is vigorously supported by the government farming development programme. Farmers are offered a growing number of different models of agricultural equipment.

At the Zerno-Kombikorma-Veterinariya exhibition (an event dedicated to grain and fodder production and livestock care) AgroCentre introduced the GSI industrial association, a manufacturer of grain storage equipment in North America. This is a new name for the company dealing with different suppliers. However, in foreign countries GSI is a recognised leader among the builders of grain storage facilities. It accounts for over 39% of such supplies on the North American market. GSI produces a complete range of equipment for treating and storing the grain, from bucket-elevators and transporters to silos of various sizes fitted with a smart ventilation system.

“GSI is a good decision both for small farms and large farming holdings”, says Oleg Zhdanov, manager of the grain technologies procurement department, AgroCentreLiski. “Compared to competitors’ products, GSI's silos are made from thicker steel sheets, up to 5.3 mm each. Another advantage is the simple assembly. The components fit tightly together due to the excellent workmanship and well thought-out fastening system. The GSI machines are well known not only among US farmers, but also among those in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine. AgroCentre will supply the equipment to the central regions of our country”.