Leader of the year

At the meeting of AGCO MACHINERY dealers, AgroCentreLiski was awarded the prize of “Leader of AGCO PARTS business volume in 2012” for outstanding achievements in the promotion of spare parts.

“It is very pleasing to receive such a high award”, says Sergey Tikhomirov, head of the spare parts procurement department at AgroCentre-Holding LLC. “This is a stimulus to keep up the tempo”.

Next year AgroCentre plans to double its sales of spares, to continue developing the network of maintenance centres and to expand the range of spare parts permanently in stock at the storage depots.

Furthermore, AGCO revealed its plans to launch new projects for improving customer service, supporting the dealers and providing after-sale support. In addition, it will seek to overhaul pricing in accordance with conditions of the Russian market.

The AGCO specialists talked about achievements of last year. One of the outstanding events was the transfer of the central spare parts warehouse to a new logistics centre in Podolsk, which will cut the parts and expendables delivery time. It was also pointed out that in the last two years the Russian dealers reached 90% aggregate annual growth, placing Russia among the leaders on the regional markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.