AgroCentre gathers in "crystal harvests"

Three Crystal Grain prizes went to AgroCentre at the annual dealer conference arranged by AGCO in Russia and the CIS.

AgroCentre specialists acknowledge that the “crystal harvest" was not only quite a surprise, but also a sort of a record. Three "crystal grain" prizes in three categories was an impressive achievement which no other dealers dared to think of.

“We didn't expect AGCO to appraise our work so highly”, said Nikolai Ivanishchev, director general of AgroCentre-Holding LLC. “AgroCentre became the corporation's dealer only last year. We produced excellent sales result, selling around 230 units of equipment and opening more than ten servicing centres. We're glad all our efforts to promote AGCO equipment are duly appreciated by our partners”.

AgroCentre received awards in three categories: "For completeness of the range of AGCO products sold", "Best debut", for high achievements among companies which started operating in 2011 (fulfilment of the sales plan and offering a wide range of products including a significant share of AGCO items), and "For the best AGCO equipment customer support in accordance with distributor's standards".