All machines in demand

The agricultural sector of Belgorod oblast is among the most developed in Russia. As nowhere else, people here understand that high results are unattainable without modern farming equipment.

AgroCentreLiski held a Field Day at the facilities of the Agroholding Ivnyansky LLC, one of Russia's largest agricultural enterprises. Twenty-five units of equipment were presented here. The guests saw many of them in operation.

“Each machine had its prospective buyer, i.e. each farm came here with a settled decision to purchase a concrete piece of equipment”, says Pavel Chumakov, AgroCentreLiski regional manager. “However, particularly keen interest was shown in the Spra-Coupe 4660 self-propelled sprinklers from Challenger”.

This sprinkler with an operating width of 24.4 m features superior efficiency and processing quality. It can operate at high speeds with a minimum loss of process solution. In short, it is ideal for small farms.

The Challenger MT 765 C and MT 865 РЎ tracked tractors were also the focus of the guests' attention. Low on-soil pressure and minimal slippage (up to 2%) make them advantageously different from their wheeled counterparts.