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This season, Kverneland has come up with some new types of soil tilling equipment. These are the CLC Evo stubble cultivators, the Kverneland 150S/Р’ plough and Qualidisc disc harrow.

In creating its equipment, Kverneland pays special attention to the machine's multi-role capability, components' wear resistance and efficiency of the entire system.

The new Kverneland 150B mounted one-way plough has all those excellent features. It is intended for small farms on light and medium soils. The plough combines with up to 130 hp tractors. The new uniquely designed frame, link and case tines with shear bolts are expressly designed for reducing the plough weight while retaining high productivity and reliability.

The considerable clearance under the frame (80 cm), plus the distance between the plough cases (100 cm) ensure high quality treatment of the soil which has a lot of plant residue on it.

Mechanical adjustment of the case grip width enables the plough to easily mount variously powered tractors without limitation on the wheel gauge. This makes it possible to optimally combine the capabilities of the plough and the tractor and, thus, to save fuel.