Ladybird settled down at AgroCentre

A stroke of the hand and carelessly scribbled lines can turn into a meaningful article. Add to this the shrewdness of Sherlock Holmes, the curiosity of Barbara, the impudent pushiness of a fly and the ability to analyse and look into the facts and you'll get a real journalist. So thinks Aleksey Demidov, a system administrator of AgroCentreZakharovo and, simultaneously, an editor-in-chief of the AGROnozhka wall newspaper, a job which he does like a real professional.

The idea of creating a wall newspaper cropped up at one of the daily briefings.

“The necessity emerged to promptly obtain an unencumbered information flow about the life of all company divisions”, says Aleksey Demidov. “So we purchased a large notice board on which we decided to place each month a new issue of the wall newspaper”.

In his spare time Aleksey works on the newspaper’s design, selects relevant news and pictures and writes texts. At AGROnozhka the employees can learn interesting facts about the company's activities outside the stuffy offices with their long talks. “The Fun Page” will cheer you up while “The place for your ad” feature offers space for notices and advertisements. “The Sports Corner” will tell you, for instance, who became the best goalie of AgroCentre.

“Of course, we don't live up yet to the AgroCentreNews publication, our parent”, says Aleksey. “We need time for development. And time will show what lies ahead”.

Asked why they named the newspaper AGROnozhka, Aleksey replies with a smile: “When I was looking for the title, I came upon a photo of a ladybird. I remembered how we sang with friends in our childhood: “Ladybird, fly to sky; ladybird come with pie”. Overall, our company is very much like this insect. Our people work to help grain producers obtain high quality harvests. In addition, our workers, like journalists, live by their feet. That's how AGROnozhka came into being”.

The sociable Aleksey Demidov is a far cry from the traditional image of a software developer as a fellow immersed in the realm of codes and tags. He does his editing job with glistening eyes and contagious enthusiasm. Now, each month, you can read in the AGROnozhka editorials about how AgroCentreZakharovo is doing.