JCB does its job

The JCB Company presents on the Russian market its upgraded 527-58 AGRI loader developed expressly for poultry farms.

Russian farmers already know the JCB 527-58 AGRI loader to be a highly agile multi-role machine for use on small animal farms. Due to its compact size (2 x 2 meters), the loader easily goes into limited access buildings and structures with narrow approach lanes. The machine's lifting capacity is 2.7 tonnes, and the lifting height is 5.8 m. Stepless transmission enables the operator to gather speed right from the start-up without changing gears, thereby ensuring fast acceleration and efficiency.

Now the 527-58 AGRI loader can also help poultry farmers. By adding new options expressly developed for the Russian and CIS markets, the JCB specialists maximally improved this model for excellent work on poultry farms.  

Among the novelties are blue headlights. They do not disturb the birds and reduce the stress they experience from the equipment operating on the farm.

The heated mirrors fitted on the 527-58 AGRI machine ensure a satisfactory rear view in cold weather and adverse climatic conditions. This makes possible very efficient machine operation and eases the operator's work in small and constrained areas.

The upgraded loader has a 2,000 mm fork. It is usually used on poultry farms for relocating cages with birds. The fork allows you to load and unload cages from the edge of the car, all of which maximally increases the load intake and reduces the operating costs.

The 527-58 model can be fitted with a large 1.6 cubic metre bucket for loading and unloading grain, bird fodder and droppings. This makes the machine still more universal and increases the efficiency of loading and unloading operations.