That's the spirit!

This year, the Swedish concern Vaderstad came up with a new machine for Russian fields. This is the Spirit grain seeder, widely and successfully operating in Europe. Its trials will take place on the fields of the Central Black Earth Zone on the farms of AgroCentre customers.

The specialists of Vaderstad are confident that the Spirit machine will earn itself a fine reputation among Russian farmers for the excellent germination and vitality of seeds it assures. The seeder ideally compacts the soil, which is one of the essential factors for guaranteed sprouting of the seeds. V-shaped seeding discs set the soil aside and put the seed into the bed at a regular depth in spite of seeding speed varying from 10 to 20 km/h. The depth of embedding may be down to 50 mm.

The seeder is fitted with various sections for treating the soils in accordance with their condition. The Spirit seeder is manufactured with various operating widths of 4, 6, 8 and 9 meters. The grain bin capacity is 3,740 litres on the 4 and 6 metre models, and 3,900 litres on 8 and 9 metre models. So it is possible to seed 15 to 30 hectares with a single bin filling.