Planting with pleasure

This year, AgroCentre became the Kolnag Company's official dealer, offering potato growing equipment. The company is known in Russia as a manufacturer of the world-class agricultural machine models like AVR, Miedema, Trioliet, Celli, and Simon.

AgroCentre will supply the farmers with the entire range of Kolnag potato growing equipment. These are cultivators, hoes, planters, haulm cutters, crop harvesters and storage systems.

To ideally prepare the soil for potato planting, AgroCentre recommends using the CELLI Ranger wheel-type cultivator. This does four jobs at a time: soil loosening, mixing, levelling and compacting. The machine is used for continuous pre-seeding tilling of the soil to a depth down to 30 cm.

The RSF 2000 cultivating bund former simultaneously loosens the soil and forms bulky bunds of fine clod structure after the potato planting. The bunds retain their shape all through the germination period, whereas the internal structure creates ideal conditions for seed bed development.

“The use of high speed Miedema РЎP 42 potato planters will make planting a real enjoyment”, says Aleksandr Usov, sales manager of the Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski LLC. “The unique design of the planting unit, i.e. the combined operation of a large upper and maximally thin lower rollers makes it possible to work at high speed and control the planting precision”.

In one pass, the potato planter treats the soil, plants without omissions and twin insertions and forms bunds.

Miedema CPmachines feature two, four or six rows with a mechanical or hydraulic drive. They come supplied with a sprayer and a granulator.