Watering equipment

This season, AgroCentre plans to expand its range of suppliers. The new partner will be the American company Valmont Irrigation, a leader in the production of Valley mechanised irrigation systems.

Valmont has been operating on the market since 1954 and has a powerful network of dealers all over the world. All the products of the company are designed for protecting and preserving the earth's reserves of water, food and fuel.

“The chief advantage of Valley equipment is its reliability, flexibility, durability and economic efficiency. Practice shows that it breaks down very seldom, if at all”, says Stepan Smirny, brand manager of Valley products at AgroCentreZakharovo LLC.

Very soon, AgroCentre will be able to offer the entire Valley product range to Russian farmers. These include circular and frontal irrigation systems, corner-to-corner irrigation systems, field machines and accessories, as well as spare parts.