AgroCentre presents modern machinery at trade fair in Tula

AgroCentre has presented state-of-the-art equipment at Agro-Tula 2022 trade fair. The dealer introduced reliable and powerful machines produced by Asian and European manufacturers.

Special attention was focused on AGROAPPOLO (PRC) wheeled tractors – an excellent alternative to the Western brands that have temporarily left the Russian market. AgroCentre showcased two models – the AGROAPOLLO CFJ2004 and the AGROAPOLLO 1404.

‘The versatile, comfortable and well-equipped Chinese tractors are gaining foothold in the Russian agricultural machinery market because they are easy to maintain, affordable and perform a wide range of tasks,’ comments Oleg Tikhonov, Head of Tula branch of AgroCentre.

The CFJ2004 model is powered by a six-cylinder 200 hp engine and fitted with a transmission that has 32 forward and 32 reverse gears and a low-speed gear. The machine is equipped with the Bosch hydraulics system. The tractor boasts some features for exceptional operator comfort — an improved air filter, high visibility, an ergonomic cab minimising fatigue.

As for the AGROAPOLLO CFJ 1404, it is powered by a four-cylinder 140 hp turbocharged diesel engine with three-stage fuel filtration and the Common Rail fuel injection system. The transmission features reverse and forward gears, 24 of each kind. The operator’s cab also meets all comfort and safety standards. The AGROAPOLLO tractors come with a warranty for 2 years or 2,000 engine hours.

AgroCentre also demonstrated machines produced by European manufacturers — the TMC Cancela TFJ180 mulcher and HORSCH trailed implements.

‘The TMC Cancela TFJ180 is designed for both forest and farmland clearing’, says Oleg Tikhonov. ‘The model chops bushes, branches, tree stumps and even stones in the ground cannot stop it as the hammers and counter knives are made of special hard alloys and have a long service life.’

The HORSCH machinery is still in high demand. The Horsch Tiger 4MT cultivator combines the functions of a subsoiler and a heavy disc harrow with working widths of 4 m. DiscSystem with 18 discs reliably crumbles and incorporates harvest residues. Its four-bar frame, 85 cm high, ensures maximum flotation.

The cultivator is equipped with the MulchMix tines with a 47-cm spacing which allows for deep loosening and intensive mixing of soil.

Russian farmers consider the HORSCH Pronto seed drill to be perfect for precise and quick performance, especially, for direct sowing and seeding into mulch.

Equipped with TurboDisc coulters, this sowing combination follows ground contours, delivers high manoeuvrability and performance at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

At the trade fair in Tula, AgroCentre presented both new and time-tested machinery impressing the visitors with cutting-edge solutions.