Despite the cloudy weather and drizzle, Ryazan Field Day 2022 has taken place at the premises of Zolotoy Kolos enterprise in Chernobayevo village, Starozhilovo district, Ryazan oblast.

The farming festival has been held in the region for the sixth time and brought together 90 exhibitors – the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery and producers of crop seeds, plant protection agents and fertilisers.

New tractors 200 hp AGROAPOLLO CFJ2004, 140 hp AGROAPOLLO CFG1404 and 90 hp AGROAPOLLO CFG904 stole the spotlight at the event. The Chinese machines are distinguished by high efficiency and competitive operational performance edging out their European and North American counterparts. These versatile and reliable tractors have a simple design, great ergonomics, low operating costs, reasonable prices and added comfort.

‘The self-propelled machines are fitted with powerful four- and six-cylinder Yuchai engines having an electronic control system. It means that they can be loaded optimally depending on the tasks performed, while saving fuel’, comments Andrey Serikov, Head of Ryazan branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

AGROAPOLLO tractor cabins are fixed to the frame via silent blocks, thus significantly reducing vibration and increasing the comfort level. The modern ergonomic interior has excellent soundproofing with a noise level of 86 dB, and the controls are within comfortable reach of the operator. The climate control system is equipped with cabin filters, a heater and an air conditioner, and the air deflectors are placed around the perimeter of the cabin.

At the Field Day, of special interest was the FJDynamics autosteering system, another novelty from AgroCentreZakharovo which is now available to all farmers. The digital device can be installed on any self-propelled machine.

FJDynamics provides high signal accuracy and the functionality of top brands at an affordable price. The navigation system does not depend on foreign services and does not require costly RTK signal subscriptions. In addition, the smart solution includes convenient route patterns, generates performance reports in .shp and .isoxml formats and, most importantly, maintains simultaneous operation of up to 20 machines from one RTK station.

Apart from the new products, AgroCentreZakharovo showcased the Horsch Joker 8RT harrow, the Horsch Tiger 4MT stubble cultivator, the Horsch Leeb 12TD trailed sprayer and the TMC Cancela TFJ180 mulcher.

At the event, the after-sales and spare parts service specialists of the company advised the guests of the booth on the machinery repair and maintenance as well as the purchase of original spare parts. The sales representatives told farmers about the best novelties to buy, current promotions and trade-in and leasing programmes. Following the Field Day, AgroCentreZakharovo’s specialists signed several contracts for machinery supply and reached a number of preliminary agreements with their partners.