AgroCentreLiski participates in a plant breeding achievements demonstration

Latest plant breeding achievements and state-of-the-art machines have been showcased on the premises of Zolotoy pochatok, a successful farming enterprise in Pavlovsk district, Voronezh oblast. The event gathered more than 150 agricultural producers.

AgroCentreLiski presented a precise single grain seed drill Horsch Maestro 8DV, which stands out due to its compact dimensions, a large seed wagon and a single grain seed bar with a working width of 8 m. The unit ensures high performance while keeping the tractor horsepower requirement low. Since the seed bar is attached via a 4-point linkage, it can be coupled with a Pronto NT with a working width of 4 or 5 m.

The dealer also introduced its novelty, the AGROAPOLLO CFJ 1404 tractor with the capacity of 140 hp. The tractor of the Chinese brand, which has hit the Russian machinery market only this year, has already gained popularity with the farmers. Simple design is the key to its success.

This season, AgroCentreLiski will showcase these tractors at demo shows to introduce the farmers to the high-potential novelties, which are now available on the domestic market. There is always room for improvement in farming, and, according to the company specialists, this machinery can further boost the performance of even such progressive enterprises as Zolotoy Pochatok.