AgroCentreZakharovo launches an exhibition season

AgroCentreZakharovo has opened a season of summer field exhibitions. Last weekend, the dealership participated in Kostroma Village Day-2022 and presented its time-tested machines to local agricultural producers.

The display of AgroCentreZakharovo was full of vibrant red. The dealership presented the Massey Ferguson 7724 self-propelled tractor, that was provided by Karavaevo farm, Kostroma oblast. Last year, the farmers purchased this tractor from AgroCentreZakharovo and have had no problems with the operation of the machine since then.

As for trailed implements on the AgroCentreZakharovo stand, the Horsch Tiger 4MT cultivator was demonstrated to the visitors. The machine combines the features of a heavy disc harrow and a subsoiler. Its four-bar frame, 85 cm in height, ensures maximum flotation. The heavy, two-row DiscSystem with a large disc diameter of 68 cm reliably crumbles and incorporates harvest residues.

‘The Tiger successfully cultivates areas planted with rapeseed, cereals and catch crops as well as fallow and grass lands. The machine crushes large-stemmed crop residues and loosens heavy clods. The working depths of the disc harrow and tines can be adjusted independently. This cultivator is perfectly adapted to our conditions and can perform the most demanding tasks’, comments Vladislav Gangur, AgroCentreZakharovo Sales Representative.

The cultivator is equipped with two rows of TerraGrip tines and MulchMix coulters with a 45-cm spacing, which allows for deep loosening and intensive mixing of soil. The important adds-on are the single row disc system in front of the packer for levelling the working surface.

This is the first time AgroCentreZakharovo has introduced its digital novelty, FJ Dynamics auto steer system, to the general public. The autosteering kit can be installed on any self-propelled machine. Due to the high-precision Mobile RTK signal, the inaccuracy in the field does not exceed 2.5 cm. Thus, the output will be improved and the production costs for POL and PPA will be reduced by 10-15%. The RTK station comes in a standard version. It is independent of foreign service and does not involve high subscription fees. One RTK station can simultaneously cover up to 20 machines.

FJ Dynamics autosteering kit includes a control terminal, a satellite receiver, gyroscope assembly, steering angle sensor and operational unit – electromotor that is installed on the steering wheel.

‘This year, AgroCentreZakharovo began supplying new AGROAPOLLO tractors to the Kostroma oblast. The vehicles of the Chinese brand are best-sellers in their homeland, therefore AgroCentre has signed a partnership agreement on supplying them to the domestic market. Unfortunately, the novelty has not been demonstrated at the exhibition. In the next few days, we are expecting the first delivery of the tractors from China, some of which have already been sold to local farms’, says Viktor Ovchinnikov, Yaroslavl Branch Manager, AgroCentreZakharovo.

During Kostroma Village Day – 2022, the company representatives consulted farmers on the choice of spare parts and tires for different equipment. Moreover, the specialists talked about the diverse range of machinery, answered all the questions and held business meetings with partners.