Horsch wins new fans

AgroCentreZakharovo has become an official dealer of Horsch in Yaroslavl oblast.

Each farming enterprise aspires to boosting its yields, improving its product quality and minimising its costs. Horsch is the best tool to achieve all these goals.

‘Now we can offer German machinery of ultimate quality to Yaroslavl farmers’, says Viktor Ovchinnikov, Yaroslavl Branch Manager, AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The new area of responsibility has strengthened our position as a dealer.’

Horsch boasts a comprehensive product line: from soil tillage solutions to powerful seed drills. All machines are fully automated, which allows real-time field work monitoring with any gadget from anywhere.

The reliable brand has been extremely popular with European and Russian farmers for many years. One of the top stars of the Horsch machinery lineup is the new generation Sprinter seed drill. It is perfectly suited for large farming operations and can be used for both conventional and no-till sowing.

‘Before the start of the new agricultural season, the demand for farm machines is growing’, comments Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘The Horsch Maestro is becoming a best-seller in Yaroslavl. This unique machine is equipped with the innovative seed metering and placement control systems.’

The Horsch Pronto drill is another efficient solution for trouble-free high-quality sowing at a speed of up to 20 km/h. This high-power machine is fitted with the PowerDisc seed coulters ensuring precise seed placement even in heavy soils.

‘The compact Horsch Joker disc harrow and the Horsch Tiger stubble cultivator are currently among the most in-demand machines’, explains Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘They are perfect fits for farms with a mixed crop rotation. Impressive power and unsurpassed off-road performance with low horse-power requirement make them indispensable for stubble cultivation after maize, sunflower, lodged cereals of high-stalked green manure crops. You just can’t beat Horsch!