Scandinavian reliability for tough conditions

Valtra tractor innovations are based on the feedback from the customers. Therefore, the Valtra T234 was designed to deliver power and efficiency. Operation and maintenance of the T234 are hassle-free, so farmers can focus on getting the work done.

Finnish Valtra tractors keep winning the hearts of Russian farmers and expanding into new territories. A year ago, AgroCentreZakharovo sold a Valtra T234 unit to Ivanov&K farm in Kurgan oblast. The machine showed flawless performance last season and is now ready to take on new challenges.

‘We grow crops on 19,000 hectares’, states Roman Kuzin, Manager of Ivanov&K farm, ‘and replenish our machinery fleet with cutting-edge units on a regular basis. When it came to purchasing a reliable tractor, we approached AgroCentreZakharovo with a request. The specialists offered us the T234 tractor of the Finnish brand Valtra. The machine caters for our needs in every respect: it is productive, fuel-efficient and easy to service.’

Under the bonnet of the Valtra T234 unit is AGCO POWER 6-cylinder engine fitted with the EcoPower and SigmaPower systems. The engine meets EU Stage V regulations, it boosts the overall performance and reduces the fuel consumption and emissions. The hydrostatic six-range 5-step powershift transmission provides seamless power delivery at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

The high-performance hydraulic system is automatically adjusted depending on the load. The pumps of the load-sensing hydraulics are available with a capacity from 73 up to 160 l/min. With the high-output pump, the temperatures of the transmission and hydraulic oils are balanced by the heat exchange system that not only cools the hydraulic oil but also redirects heat when needed to ensure that the hydraulics do not get too cold in winter. All Valtra T Series models are fitted with zero-leak hydraulic valves, which prevent internal leakage and cylinder rod displacement.

Designed for heavy lifting, the Valtra T234 provides the highest lifting capacity available – 51 kN in the front and up to 95 kN in the rear. The lift height of 868 mm makes it easy to work with a wide range of implements. The hallmark of all Valtra machinery is optimal weight distribution. The rear linkage is designed to mount large implements.

‘The tractor is indispensable, first and foremost, in soil cultivation’, continues Roman Kuzin. ‘Last season, the tractor’s operating time was relatively short – around 500 engine hours, yet it was sufficient to prove Valtra’s worth.’

The tractor has been improved in terms of both design and functionality. The new model features all-new elegant exterior and a completely changed cooling system. The front of the tractor is fitted with a new radiator kit ensuring increased cooling capacity. This enables operation at extremely high temperatures with no additional engine cooling required.

‘We have had a business partnership with AgroCentreZakharovo for a few years now’, concludes Roman Kuzin. ‘Besides the Valtra tractor, the dealer has delivered us two JCB loaders. When it came to choosing a dealer, professional service was what tipped the scales in favour of AgroCentre. Efficient and well-coordinated work of the service team eliminates the risk of machinery downtime and losses, which makes all the difference for us.’