Newcomers to Mokroye farm

Lipetsk branch of AgroCentreLiski has held a demonstration of the Kverneland 6250 fixed chamber baler and the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor, which operate perfectly well in tandem.

The demo show took place in the fields of Mokroye farming enterprise located in Lebedyan district, Lipetsk oblast. On 22,000 hectares of arable land, the agricultural producer grows forage for its own herd, which amounts to 8,000 cows. The farm’s fleet comprises over 300 advanced machines.

‘We’ve been collaborating with Mokroye farm for quite a while’, says Vladimir Polozkov, Head of Lipetsk branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Here, they always give priority to quality and opt for the best machinery, which becomes time- and cost-effective investment in their business. During the showcase, which lasted two days, the Kverneland 6250 baler and the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor focused on hay preparation. The results were impressive: 74 bales on the first day and over 100 bales on the second day!’

The Kverneland 6250 formed a bale within an average of 45-50 seconds, which is an excellent result! The operating speed of the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor with a 132 hp engine was 7-10 km/h. The employees of the enterprise noticed a substantial reduction in fuel consumption: up to 35% compared to other machines of the same class.

‘This powerful tandem has delivered an exceptional performance’, shares Viktor Svetenkov, Chief Engineer of the enterprise. ‘It is important that the Kverneland 6250 has two bale wrapping systems: twine and net. This ensures crop preservation, moisture protection and transportation ease. The bale is formed in a wink — there is no downtime at all. And what matters most of all in our business? Of course, it’s speed, quality and results.’

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Kverneland 6250 baler and the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor are just what a modern farmer needs. Right after the demo show, the machines were purchased by Mokroye dairy operation and today they keep on doing their best in the farm’s sunny fields.