Excellence at affordable price

The Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer – a new model of AGCO corporation – has just recently been introduced to the Russian market of agricultural machinery. The unit is designed with the basic concepts in mind — reliability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and comfort.

AgroCentre started selling the Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer in 2019. Having upgraded the previous model, AGCO specialists created a unique operator-friendly machine.

‘The Massey Ferguson 9335 sprayer comes with the AGCO Power 66CW3 6.6L engine that makes 200 hp’, says Ivan Potanin, Head of Tyumen branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘When torque is high at low revs, the machine operates at an optimum speed with less than 2,000 rpm. This rates it as one of the most cost-efficient models in the segment. The four-wheel drive system with two pumps which provide power to opposing wheel motors ensures the full torque capability.’

The frame of the sprayer, which consists of two C-channels joined by bolted connections, is not welded at any point, which gives it more flexibility and guarantees full contact of the wheels with the ground. The pneumatic suspension of the axles with stabiliser bars allows the machine to avoid a bumpy ride over rough terrain. The high clearance of 1.65 m and the variable hydraulic track width adjustment within the range between 2.8 m and 3.2 m make it possible to use the sprayer almost in any sphere of crop farming.

The center frame of the boom with pendulum suspension of the rollers – the design has been patented by AGCO Corporation – ensures smoothness of ride causing less wear on the components. Another unique feature of the machine is the ability of the boom arm ends to tilt in different directions in order to avoid obstacles. The option allows the boom to return to its working position without the risk of damage.

‘The Massey Ferguson self-propelled sprayer of the 9335 Series offers state-of-the-art solutions’, continues Ivan Potanin. ‘The operator controls the spraying process by means of the C3000 terminal with the inbuilt AutoGuide 3000 steering system, which automatically adjusts the boom height and ensures utmost spraying precision. On top of that, the Agcommand telemetry technology provides real-time data on performance parameters.’

The standard equipment of the Massey Ferguson 9335 includes the sensors which automatically switch on/off each individual section. In conjunction with the navigation option, they help to save on the formulation when the operator manages the headland and make sure the application is conducted only once on each area of the land. Thanks to the efficient patented technologies, the new sprayer has successfully operated for over 10,000 hours in a field and proved its reliability in various conditions.

‘AgroCentre is counting on the Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer’, comments Nikolay Kunitsin, Sales Director, AgroCentreLiski. ‘The machine can boast some characteristics of the top-class models having the price of the middle segment. In April, we are planning to hold a number of its demo-shows on our clients’ farms. At the field days in summer, the Massey Ferguson 9335 is going to be presented as the AgroCentre’s flagship product.’