Farmers opt for Horsch!

On the first April days, while most Russians had to stay at home in self-isolation, field works were in full swing all over the regions. Taking every precaution necessary in this hard time, both large and small companies started their seeding campaigns. The country obviously needs grain, meat and milk. So today, on numerous farms, motors of the powerful machines are roaring their tune and fleets are being enlarged with new models — AgroCentre is a great help here.

For instance, the beginning of the field season in Penza oblast seems to be really up-and-coming. In the first weeks of spring, the regional branch of AgroCentreZakharovo supplied more than ten Horsch seed drills to various farming enterprises.

‘It may be said, without much exaggeration, that farmers opt for Horsch’, shares Ali Umarov, Head of Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘Studyonovskoye LLC has acquired a Horsch Pronto 12NT seed drill and a Horsch Maestro 24SW planter. Earlier, there were no Maestro planters in the region, but over the last month, two of them were welcomed to the ranks of all-rounders.’

Moreover, among the newcomers to the fields of Penza oblast, there were the Horsch Pronto 9NT and Pronto 8DС planters and the Horsch Maestro 8DV seed drill. To time and quality, AgroCentre specialists assist in assembling and commissioning the machines which are about to leap into action. Precision planting, a bumper crop and a new level of farm works – all of this is further down the road.