Efficient baling solutions

Tyumen branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has had a demo show Kverneland 6716 SC14NT, a new-generation baler.

The machinery unit was showcased on the premises of Agrokompleks Mayak (Ognevo, Tyumen oblast), one of the largest farming enterprises in the region with the total herd size over 5,000 head of cattle and 20,000 ha of land.

‘The farming enterprise procures large volumes of shredded hay and straw yearly’, says Ivan Potanin, Head of Tyumen branch of AgroCentreZakharovo, ‘that is why a highly productive baler is a must-have for the farm. At the demo, the average output shown on various field areas was 60 bales per hour. The farm specialists were immensely impressed by the density and pressure in the centre core, mid zones and outer layer of the bales, their consistent size and quality.’

The Kverneland 6716 SC14NT baler delivered an impressive performance raking up hay in double swaths – 105 bales per hour.

‘The Kverneland 6716 baler has an edge over its counterparts due to its versatility and reliability’, comments Ivan Potanin, ‘as its chamber equipped with rollers and laced belts ensures instant and efficient bale start with straw, hay and haylage. The baling machine features the SuperCut 14-knife chopping system and the PowerBind system for fast and reliable netting.’

Kverneland Intelligent Density 3D system ensures precise control of baling pressure, which is essential to achieve correct bale density for each bale zone: core, mid and outer layer. Moisture penetration is reduced in high-density bales, thus, keeping it fresh during winter storage. The operator can easily set the baling density and the bale diameter from 0.5 to 2 metres without leaving the tractor cab. In case of a blockage, the automatic system clears it in no time.

‘I have never operated a high-output baler before’, says Ivan Potanin. ‘The baling unit is so operator-friendly that it took me only half an hour to get the hang of the control terminal without so much as a peek into the manual. It is a piece of cake.’

Designed for easy operation from a single terminal, the baling unit saves your time and resources when it comes to logistics and storage. Minimum maintenance and remote machine setting adjustment makes these baling units highly efficient.

The Kverneland 6716 SC14NT chamber baler is an indispensable helper at your farming enterprise!