JCB telehandler works for three

AgroCentreZakharovo has taken an active part in the regional agricultural trade show Chelyabinsk Field Day 2019. Local farmers and guests of the region paid close attention to the exhibits presented at the booth.

A showcase for more than 120 units of the most state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, a demonstration of high-performance machines, an exhibition of agricultural plant breeding achievements, as well as discussion of topical issues concerning farming sector development – the programme of the event was quite exciting. Traditionally, Field Days are a good platform for a constructive and meaningful dialogue among fellow farmers. Besides, such trade shows offer them an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at the latest technologies and solve their pressing problems.

‘Today’s event starkly illustrates the growth of the regional farming sector’, says the Governor Aleksey Teksler in his opening speech. ‘This Field Day underscores the leadership of Chelyabinsk oblast in the agro-industry of the Ural Federal District. The region has made it to the top and needs to further strengthen the dominant positions it has gained in crop acreage, production and export.’

Agricultural products are always in demand. Nevertheless, the agribusiness is quite a gamble. Mechanisation of processes, use of cutting-edge solutions and high-performance, reliable machinery are the recipe for success in any area of farming.

‘We always showcase and offer the best machines to our partners’, shares Sergey Chichay, Head of Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor has become the main attraction for the trade show visitors. This mid-power universal tractor is made with an emphasis on comfort and ease of use. The farmers are particularly impressed by its high maintainability and contemporary design.’

One of the key advantages of the model is its economical engine. The MF 6713 is fitted with a unique turbocharged AGCO Power engine developed specifically for tractors. It allows to achieve extremely high efficiency and at the same time consume little fuel. But in order to obtain consistently high results, the human and the machine should work in tandem. The engineers designed the tractor with much attention to the operator comfort making it just unparalleled.

‘Nothing prevents the operator from concentrating on the work. The airtight tractor cab offers ultimate visibility’, continues Sergey Chichay. ‘The modern and ergonomic layout facilitates the tractor control and opens up many possibilities for operation and automation. For example, the machine has a feature of active transport control.’

Optionally, the MF 6713 can be equipped with various attachments, which makes it a universal tool for both agriculture and the utility sector.

The JCB 536-60 telehandler, another versatile farm assistant showcased at Chelyabinsk Field Day, was also a success. This machine is highly manoeuvrable and fit for indoor operation in the conditions of restricted space.

‘The JCB 531-70, 541-70 and 536-60 telehandlers are perfect helpers at modern enterprises’, says Sergey Chichay. ‘These universal yellow and black machines are virtually indispensable in livestock farming. They can be used for loading and unloading, cleaning of the facilities, manure removal, transporting silage and haylage, as well as for building operations and snow clearing. Moreover, one JCB telehandler replaces several MTZ tractors by the scope of work performed.’

Two years ago, the first JCB 531-70 appeared in the fleet of Preduralye farming enterprise, Verkhneuralsk district, Chelyabinsk oblast. It did not take too long before one more brand-new efficient telehandler was purchased. Now the farm owners cannot even imagine how they had done without these machines.

‘JCB telehandlers impressed us with their features and versatility’, shares Marat Akhmedgaleyev, one of the farm managers. ‘Operating with different attachments, they tackle almost all the tasks. For example, we used to load grain with the help of three MTZ tractors and a versatile mounted bucket, but now one JCB easily deals with this problem.’

Preduralye is a family business run by a father and three sons who work smoothly and keep developing their farming operation year by year. Today, the land bank of the enterprise is 12 thousand hectares, and the herd is over 2 thousand head. The main areas of activity are dairy and beef farming, as well as pig and horse breeding. The enterprise has three production sections, so its owners have long been thinking about buying a third JCB. In the course of the Field Day, they finally made up their mind. The machinery fleet of Preduralye will soon be enlarged, and a new telehandler will join the proven ones to operate for the benefit of the farm.

AgroCentre knows for a fact that the key to success at any enterprise lies in powerful and reliable machinery.