Reliable machinery for sweet business

Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has successfully presented its machinery at the Interregional agricultural forum Yaroslavl Field Day. Over a dozen of powerful and reliable machines, both self-propelled units and implements were showcased there.

A Kremlin made of straw bales with real walls, gates, towers and flags has unexpectedly arisen in a field beside Shurskol village which is located nearby Rostov the Great. That edifice was purposely created for the agricultural forum. That architectural landmark hospitably welcomed all the event participants. There was arranged an outstanding showcase displaying the most state-of-the-art and efficient machinery behind the Kremlin walls.

‘We are presenting the whole range of machinery by AGCO-RM at today’s Field Day’, says Viktor Ovchinnikov, Head of Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘It includes self-propelled tractors like the Massey Ferguson 4708, 6713, 7615, 7726, 8737 and the Fendt 936. We are also showcasing trailed implements, in particular spreaders, mowers, tedders and balers by Kverneland.’

One of the novelties shown at Field Day was the Kverneland DTX subsoiler. That machine is a credible alternative to a plough and it is indispensable on any farm due to its capability to operate at the depth down to 50 centimetres.

‘The subsoiler can totally substitute two other tools – a plough and a disc harrow’, continues Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘And it allows to retain water in the soil.’

As for self-propelled machinery, two tractor models are in high demand among the Yaroslavl farmers – the MF 4708 and the MF 6713. Over the past year and a half, Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has supplied 16 units of those machines into different farms and orders for the tractors still keep coming.

‘These machines are the optimal choice for small farms. They can handle their tasks perfectly well’, highlights the Head of Yaroslavl branch. ‘We can offer more robust machines for large agricultural producers. Today we are presenting huge tractors with engine power exceeding 300 hp – the Massey Ferguson 8737 the Fendt 936.’

Aleksandr Fendrikov is an amateur farmer, he moved to the Rostov district (Yaroslavl oblast) from Saint Petersburg. Recently he had decided to develop here his sweet business – this is how the farmer calls it.

‘I keep bees, that is the way I amuse myself being retired’, relates Aleksandr Nikolayevich with a smile. ‘I sow and cultivate various plants on my fields, mostly melliferous flowers such as mustard, phacelias, melilots, fireweed and so on.’

Currently Aleksandr Fendrikov has 12 beehives, but the beekeeper is not going to stop at this point, his plan is to reach 100 hives. Aleksandr Nikolayevich believes that reliable machinery which can provide high performance plays a huge role in developing his small sweet business. Last year he purchased a plough and a mower by Kverneland and the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor at AgroCentreZakharovo.

‘I started driving a tractor when I was already a grown-up’, says the farmer. ‘I drove an MTZ tractor for a while, then I changed it for the Massey Ferguson 6713. They are just worlds apart! I am so satisfied with the machinery and the service level is on point. AgroCentre’s employees taught me how to mow and sow, they are always there to give me a helping hand. I am sure that my business is going to flourish together with such partners!’

During Field Day the farmers acquired new knowledge, discussed prospects with their partners and plans for the future and had lots of fun overall. True summer heat was not an obstacle to the event. An animal exhibition, artisan workshops, a jolly concert organised by a group of amateur talents, a festival of bread and non-alcohol beer also added up to the festive mood of the forum participants.