Field day marathon

AgroCentre team has been very busy this summer. Over 2 months, the company participated in almost 20 field days. Read our field report to discover more details.


AgroCentre showcased the Pronto sowing combination and the Joker 8 RT disc harrow produced by Horsh, its new supplier. The piece of equipment found a new owner and went straight to Platon farming enterprise after the field days. The enterprise is engaged in cattle finishing and production of cereals, rapeseed, soybeans and maize.

‘It’s time to change our approach to sowing’, says Yuriy Lobyntsev, Director General of Platon farming enterprise. ‘We need advanced seed drills and disc harrows. That is why we have chosen the Horsch Joker 8 RT.’

The machine efficiently tackles all the tasks involving residue management: stimulation of volunteer seed germination, capillarity interruption, harvest residue incorporation and shallow seedbed preparation. The Joker 8 RT prepares a fine and consolidated seed bed with good conditions for germination, even in heavy crop residue.


A lot of attendees of the trade show took advantage of the demo show to see the JCB 535-95 Loadall in action. It is a full-size piece of equipment that is perfectly suited for loading, unloading and handling of heavy and bulky cargoes.

The rugged chassis is designed for load-bearing and stability. Four- wheel drive, compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles and excellent cab visibility make the machine extremely manoeuvrable. One of the key benefits of the model is a 9.5-metre reach.

Sergey Suslov, director of the farming enterprise which hosted the field day, has been the lucky owner of a JCB 535-95 telehandler for two years now.

‘I take great pride and joy in the fact that the loader operates at our enterprise’, says Sergey Suslov. ‘I have come to understand that the machine is worth its weight in gold. It is a true multitasker: whenever it comes to such operations as loading, lifting and handling, it makes the job hassle-free.’


The high-horsepower Fendt 1050 VARIO tractor presented at the Field Day is an advantageous model. It delivers the maximum the maximum torque of 2,400 Nm and the power of 517 hp already at 1,100 – 1,700 rpm, i.e. in the range corresponding to optimum fuel consumption, thus ensuring unrivalled fuel economy at the maximum output. Besides, the standard features and the stepless Vario Drive transmission automatically transferring power and controlling torque distribution between the axles offer superior versatility.

‘We have been cooperating with AgroCentre for a long time’, says Evgeniy Golshev, Director General of Yubileynoye farming enterprise. ‘The company supplies high- quality machinery and provides professional service, that is what won us over. Our enterprise has a large machinery fleet, where Fendt 1050 and Massey Ferguson 6713 tractors are the front-runners. I call them that for a reason.’

One more piece of machinery received positive feedback.

‘When we bought a Massey Ferguson 7624 tractor three years ago, we couldn’t really grasp its full potential’, recalls Ivan Semyonov, Director of Semyonov farming enterprise. ‘One machine does what several tractors used to do carrying out the majority of work. That’s why I highly recommend AgroCentre as a proven supplier of quality machinery to my business partners.’


Purchased tractors and trailed implements alone cannot ensure a bumper crop without a precision farming system.

‘Our tractors have been equipped with the Trimble system for a number of years now’, says Maksim Levshunov, Deputy Director of Triticum enterprise. ‘We cannot imagine our field work today without the system, for which we are really grateful to AgroCentre.’


‘The weather conditions are favourable for sunflower production in this region’, says Denis Tyurin, Director Executive of AgroCentreZakharovo for Siberian region. ‘A lot of farming enterprises start growing maize for grain. We offer Italian Zaffrani maize and sunflower headers as an efficient solution. Since the equipment is in great demand, we sell over 20 units every year.’

The Zaffrani header was also displayed at the Field Day, the plan is to have a series of demo shows to showcase its performance during maize harvesting.

‘We have been selling the equipment in the Siberian region for over five years’, says Vladislav Tkhor, representative of Zaffrani.

‘We have brought in over a hundred units of machinery, among them — sunflower headers and a few mobile dryers. We are very pleased that Zaffrani has won acclaim in the region. The headers have shown excellent performance, they are well-known by farmers.’


The novelties of JCB invariably become a hit.

‘Due to its versatility, the JCB 541-70 Agri telescopic handler has gained popularity with farming businesses all over the country’, says Svetlana Petrova, Deputy Director General of JCB RUSSIA. ‘It is compatible with a wide range of attachments from buckets and spikes to lifting equipment. In addition, it offers cost-efficiency, manoeuvrability, low noise level, high torque and output.’

The maximum lifting capacity of the loader is 4,100 kg, turning radius is 3.7 m. Definitely, it is one of the most outstanding solutions among counterparts.


The Field Day was hosted by the farming enterprise owned by Artur Movsesyan, a leading producer in the region.

‘One of the key factors in our success is introduction of the most advanced machinery and technologies’, says Artur Movsesyan. ‘At the Field day, we have demonstrated the Fendt 936 tractor and the Challenger MT855 tracked tractor, which are our indispensable assistants. It is this machinery that has enabled us to adopt and practice smart farming. Next year, we are planning to introduce variable rate fertiliser application. As part of the preparation, we are analysing the soil with the use of drones and space imagery, calculating the NDVI and doing mapping.’