Spring offer

According to specialists of AgroCentre, farmers take an avid interest in the new Massey Ferguson 6713 model. Since its release into the Russian market in 2017, the machine has gained a leading position with a proven track record. Even more so that a special offer is available this spring: farmers can buy the Massey Ferguson 6713 at factory price until May 31.

AgroCentre is ready for spring! The specialists highly recommend the innovative and efficient machine which is capable of helping farmers out with multiple agricultural tasks. The Massey Ferguson 6713 is a representative of the mid-power line up of tractors within the power range from 70 hp to 130 hp. The prestigious model which attracts farmers due to cutting-edge technologies and superior operation comfort. Just like a lot of legendary tractors, the Massey Ferguson 6713 has become a modern solution for efficient operation in today’s farming conditions.

‘The Massey Ferguson 6713 has been designed with small-scale farming enterprises in mind’, says Viktor Ovchinnikov, Head of Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘Besides being perfect for a wide range of farming applications, the machine is well suited for utilities sector. It is a true workhorse. In addition, the tractors are distinguished by a quality-price ratio which is unprecedented for their class!’

The tractor proved to be a perfect fit for a new client from Yaroslavl oblast. Roman Gordeyev is an experienced farmer, with over 200 ha of land and 20 years of ups and downs in farming business. He would know what machinery to choose.

‘Our farming enterprise produces potatoes and cereals’, says Roman Gordeyev, ‘the tractors work all day long, no downtime. I’ve been familiar with the Massey Ferguson brand for a long time. We’ve been operating the Massey Ferguson 470 tractor for a number of years now, and we are quite satisfied with its performance. Now I’ve decided to take advantage of the spring offer and purchase a new Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor at a major discount.’

The decision requires consideration, however, according to the specialists, if you work efficiently, the tractor will pay off in two to three years. So, it is worth hurrying up to start the new sowing season with a highly efficient farming machine.