No farm can do without a reliable trailer

Handling is one of the key operations in agriculture. Trailers are essential not only in the field, but also on a farm.

The quality of end product depends on which equipment is chosen to transport it. The use of trailers of various design and purpose enhances farm operation efficiency and reduces transport costs.

‘A trailer is the kind of universal machine which is necessary virtually the year round’, says Ali Umarov, Sales Manager of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Crop production farms use trailers to handle the seed stock and the crop. In livestock operations the machine is indispensable for hauling of forages, discharge of waste and spent products вывоза.

Trailers manufactured by Lithuanian company UMEGA have been available on the Russian market for over 10 years. The company was established in 1919 by three Lithuanian industrial leaders: Umega, Vienybė and Utenos elektrotechnika. The company uses components from the best Italian and German manufacturers, which are capable of withstanding the most adverse conditions. The lifting capacity of the trailers varies from 5 up to 30 tonnes, maximum body volume — up to 45 cu.m.

‘UMEGA produces a great variety of semi-trailer models for agriculture, compliable with tractors’, says Ali Umarov. ‘The distinguishing feature of the self-dump trailers is their powerful solid body made of strong steel sheets.’

The hydraulic system of the semi-trailers connects to the tractor, and the discharge is carried out through tilting of the body with a powerful telescopic hydraulic cylinder. Maximum dump angle is 55 degrees. Besides the semi-trailers, UMEGA offers two-axle trailers with improved stability and a greater lifting capacity. Such trailers are suitable for hauling out-of-gauge cargoes, since both side and rear walls are fully detachable.

‘UMEGA is not just a trailer’, continues Ali Umarov. ‘The machine is equipped with a combined braking system. It is the only model in the market, which has no speed limits which is a major advantage.’

UMEGA trailers are capable of matching up the speed of the pulling tractor, thus significantly reducing the time and costs needed for the use of other machines, such as dump trucks. All you need to perform the delivery and dispatching operations is just a trailer coupled to a tractor. Another important benefit of the UMEGA trailers is optimum price-quality ratio which particularly appeals to farmers. Last growing season, an UMEGA trailer was acquired by TERRA DE LUX. The enterprise engages in maize, potato and soybean production.

‘We are quite happy with the performance of the trailer’, says Evgeniy Nasekin, Chief Engineer of the enterprise. ‘We use it to bring and take away the goods we need. Most importantly, the price of the machinery is way lower than brand name trailers. The quality is superior.’

The issue of optimising operating costs at the height of the farming season is particularly pressing. The UMEGA trailers will become your indispensable helpers in building an efficient logistics system.