Cutting-edge loaders!

AgroCentre introduces an unprecedented novelty — the versatile, productive and, most importantly, cost-effective JCB 541-70 Agri Pro Telehandler, which enters the Russian agricultural market this year.

It is worth saying that this is the first telehandler in the world with the JCB DualTech VT hybrid transmission combining the advantages of hydro-mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions. The machine is designed to perform a number of different agricultural operations. The hydrostatic drive provides precise low-speed manoeuvring control, and the PowerShift drive guarantees superior high-speed efficiency and towing ability.

The machine is equipped with the 145 hp JCB EcoMax Engine ensuring increased torque at low revs, which improves transmission efficiency and makes the machine more cost-effective. The maximum lift capacity of the telehandler is 4,100 kg, and the maximum lift height is 7 m.

‘The machine has a huge number of advantages’, says Vladimir Manukovskiy, JCB Product Manager of AgroCentreLiski. ‘For instance, in comparative tests, AGRI Pro handlers have delivered a higher repeat-cycle productivity than competitor machines and a 16% advantage when towing. The Smart Hydraulics system ensures fuel saving making the machine one of the most cost-effective in its segment.’

Most functions of the telehandler are automated, for example, switching from hydrostatic transmission to PowerShift, four-wheel drive turn-off, pressure relief on the additional hydraulic line and fully emptying the material from the bucket reduces the operator’s fatigue and increases productivity.

‘JCB takes good care of operator comfort’, shares Vladimir Manukovskiy. ‘Therefore, the cabin of the JCB 541-70 Agri Pro telehandler has everything the operator needs ensuring easy and more efficient work. The JCB 541-70 Agri Pro can be characterised by a high level of comfort, ease of operation and drivability.’