Loss-free harvesting

Farming industry works virtually nonstop. No sooner have the growers finished sowing than they have to start thinking about harvesting. Zaffrani headers are indispensable when it comes to loss-free harvesting of sunflower and maize.

The Zaffrani headers allow for optimising the yield of the land, maximising productivity and increasing the performance of agricultural enterprises.

Sunflower is one of the most popular crops in Russia. The high level of profitability and demand for seeds are the driving forces behind the significant expansion of the sowing area. The major challenge that the farmers face is quick, efficient and, most importantly, loss-free harvesting. That is the job the Zaffrani headers can do like no other.

‘The main advantages of the Zaffrani implements are their reliability and cost-effectiveness’, says Nikolay Kunitsyn, Sales Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘They show excellent performance during the harvesting, reducing losses to a minimum. The sunflower header has been designed specifically to maximise the performance of any combine.’

Special technical measures of the header allow incredible feed ability of the combine, which goes without interruption, preventing the product from being hit, shaken or entangled, thus ensuring maximum performance. The header facilitates harvesting of all flower heads, excluding almost all the stalks and leaves. This way, the harvest is clean.

The corn header is another ergonomic solution offered by Zaffrani. The constructive features of the header with a unique chopper grant a clean harvest field ready for a no-till seeding. The seed loss is around 3%.

‘The Zaffrani tool is universal and can be adapted to any type of combine’, continues Nikolay Kunitsyn. ‘It is necessary to discuss this issue with the dealer in advance to apply suitable simple modifications.’

The sturdy construction combined with the high-quality components and materials and simple, but extremely effective transmission and cutting systems minimise wear and maintenance times and costs. Thanks to the simplified construction, the Zaffrani header is extremely light. This allows considerable fuel saving, 2 litres per hectare and also increases the engine life of the combine by 30%.

The whole range of Zaffrani equipment, which is 100% made in Italy, satisfies the strict requirements of the international standards and the EU directives, and also fully meets the needs of the European market.

The Zaffrani header is a guarantee of fast harvesting, quality and results, which are recognised by farmers all over the world.