At full capacity

Representatives of AgroCentre set off to France in the first days of spring to visit Massey Ferguson manufacturing plant and take part in AGCO-RM dealership conference, which offered a lot of pleasant surprises for the attendees.

Although the weather in France was not as good as it was expected, the warm welcome and the friendly discussions at AGCO-RM dealership conference made up for all climatic challenges. The year 2017, was extremely successful for both the manufacturer and AgroCentre, which received the largest number of awards from AGCO-RM. Thus, AgroCentre-Holding team won the first prize in three nominations: Best Key Customer Support in 2017 and Outstanding Performance of the Regional Team (the award was granted to Barnaul branch of AgroCentreZakharovo). Bryansk and Tambov branches of AgroCentreLiski demonstrated the best performance in in the promotion of the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractors.

‘We would like to thank AGCO-RM for the awards and the long-term productive cooperation’, says Elena Ivanishcheva, Head of Marketing Department of AgroCentre-Holding. ‘Our awards can be shared with all AgroCentre employees because each member of our large team puts in a great deal of effort and time to achieve the common goal. Our primary goal is to make our customers happy by providing the best equipment on favourable financing conditions and high-quality maintenance. AgroCentre is ready to continue working at full capacity and demonstrate our professionalism in action.’

AgroCentre’s team visited Massey Ferguson plant in Beauvais - the most modern tractor production centre in France.

Over 915,000 tractors have been built at the facility since its opening, and nearly 80% of them have been exported to over 60 countries world-wide.

AgroCentre’s specialists had a unique opportunity to get an insight into the production process and see the novelties, which will soon enter the Russian farm machinery market.

‘Among the most interesting models were the Massey Ferguson 7700 S and 8700 S series tractors, which are to appear in Russia in autumn 2018, were demonstrated to the visitors’, says Sergey Lomantsov, Executive Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Besides, we saw the new-generation rotary combine harvesters, which will be marketed under the brand name IDEAL. The three brand-new models — the 451hp MF IDEAL 7, 538hp MF IDEAL 8 and 647hp MF IDEAL 9 — feature single and dual rotary threshing systems.’

Being far away from their motherland did not prevent the employees of AgroCentre from fulfilling their duty — they all voted in the Russian presidential elections at the voting station at the Russian Embassy in France.

‘There were a lot of people queuing up in front of the Russian Embassy in France. About 3,500 Russian citizens came to the elections’, says Sergey Lomantsov, Executive Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Our employees supported their countrymen: they waited in the queue for a few hours and made their choice.’

It is always pleasant to work hard when the results are so highly valued, so AgroCentre is ready for new victories and new achievements.