Demo shows to the aid of farmers

How can farmers improve operating performance and minimise costs? Reliable farm machinery has been designed with exactly that in mind. Demo shows will help growers to make the right choice.

The demo shows of farm machinery took place on the premises of Enterprise n.a. Dimitrov in Belinskiy district, Penza oblast, where local agricultural producers were shown the latest machinery in action in real agro-climatic conditions.

‘Demo shows are key to showcasing the unique features of each model’, says Artyom Simbulatov, Head of Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘Farmers need to see all the nuances of a given machine unit with their own eyes, assure its performance and efficiency as well as calculate profitability and test its reliability for themselves.’

This time, the Fendt 933 Vario tractor and the Kverneland Optima TFmaxi precision seed drill were demonstrated to representatives of local farming enterprises. Holders of agricultural vehicle licenses wishing to test-drive the machinery units and ascertain their capabilities in person could do so.

‘The Fendt 933 Vario tractor meets all modern requirements’, says Rinat Alshin, Sales Manager of Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘Its versatility particularly appeals to me. Among its main benefits are high horsepower, multiple options, an economical engine, and an outstanding operator comfort, to name but a few.’

The tractor model offers productive, time-saving and cost-oriented solutions for field and road applications. The Fendt 933 Vario has an exceptional mobility at 60 km/h and an independent hydropneumatic wheel suspension. The Kverneland Optima TFmaxi precision seed drill is a piece of equipment no less worthy.

‘The demo show has enabled us to showcase the model at its finest’, continues Artyom Simbulatov. ‘The 16-row Kverneland Optima TFmaxi is a high precision seed drill, featuring large separate fertiliser and seed hoppers.’

The seed drill combines high precision with top operating convenience. Once the attendees of the demo show saw its benefits, they made up their minds in no time!