Extended warranty for skid steer loaders

Ten years or 5,000 engine hours! The JCB company provides an extended warranty for the unique design of the single Powerboom loader arm of its skid steers.

Customers know JCB as a manufacturer of unique machinery that is one of its kind in the world. Among such machines is the skid steer loader with the side-entry design. The exclusive design of the heavy-duty PowerBoom loader arm patented by JCB ensures outstanding reliability and service life of the machine.

‘The distinguishing feature of the JCB skid steer loader is its single Powerboom arm made of heavy-duty steel’, says Svetlana Petrova, Deputy General Director of JCB Russia. ‘The amount of steel used for its production is increased by 20% as compared to the twin-boom counterparts available in the market.’

In addition to the convenient side entry to the cab and an emergency exit through the front windscreen, the skid steer has a whole host of other benefits. For instance, the number of lubrication points has been reduced by 30%. In addition, the low position of the boom on the chassis provides maximum visibility from the cab on the right side.

‘The JCB skid steer loader has been designed to replace manual work on the farm’, continues Svetlana Petrova, ‘and to ensure an increase in milk yield by automating such operations as pushing of forages in the feed bunk. Moreover, this machine performs such functions as loading manure, removing the slurry, cleaning the farm premises and the feed bunk and so on.’

Confidence in the quality of its products enables JCB to extend the duration of the warranty for the Powerboom arm to the maximum. This means that the Russian customers can rest assured that their equipment and investment are well protected.