Music, maestro, please!

The Horsch Maestro 16SW single grain seed drill has successfully completed all the assigned tasks during the demo show on the premises of Sosolopov farming enterprise in Kursk oblast.

The Horsch Maestro 16SW seed drill is designed for all types of single grain seed, such as maize, soybeans, sunflower and sugar beets. Its sowing speed varies from 8 to 12 km/h; therefore, it is possible to sow about 250 hectares per day.

‘The machine is easy to operate and it can be adapted to any tractor with the power capacity starting at 180 hp’, says Dmitriy Tkachev, Sales Manager of Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘The seed drill has many advantages: it is equipped with a 2,000-litre seed waggon and a fertiliser hopper with a capacity of 7,000 litres. The wide working width makes it possible to carry out large amounts of work; also, the transport width is 3 metres, which greatly facilitates road transport.’

The metering discs of new type feature open grooves on the outside, which — combined with the special shape of the shut-off – enables the manufacturer to achieve exceptional accuracy of seed metering in the range of 0-30 Hz.

‘With the help of the modern electronic control system integrated into the Horsch Terminal, the operator receives the information on the number of skips and doubles as well as the coefficient of variation in individual rows on the monitor installed in the tractor cab’, continues Dmitriy Tkachev, ‘so the operator can promptly adjust the load of the machine to specific conditions.’

The weather conditions were favourable, so the demo show went smoothly and the machine accomplished all the tasks easily.

‘We grow maize and sunflower in our farm, so the Horsch Maestro 16SW seed drill would come in handy’, says Yuriy Sosolopov, Head of Sosolopov Farming Enterprise. ‘Over 10 hours, the machine has sown 100 hectares of sunflower, which is an impressive performance considering that the depth is fairly consistent and the placement of the seeds in a row is perfect.’