Building expertise takes time

Massey Ferguson has celebrated its 60th anniversary. Over the years, the equipment under the renowned brand name has become an integral part of the global agricultural landscape.

The machine with the legendary triple-triangle emblem is the hallmark of high quality machinery for farmers all over the world. Ever since pioneering three-point linkage for tractors and self-propelled combine harvesters, the company's experts have been continuously developing industry-leading innovative solutions.

Since 2011, we have been dealers of AGCO, including Massey Ferguson equipment’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, General Director of AgroCentre-Holding. ‘The machines combine reliability and advanced technologies. At the same time, they are the best value for money, which certainly attracts farmers.’

Massey Ferguson specialists were among the first to develop the MultiPower tractor gear box, the automatic height adjustment system of the combine header, the MF PowerFlow header, as well as smart tractors with onboard computers. Massey Ferguson equipment has gained popularity among the professionals in the agricultural sphere and is successfully used in many farming enterprises in our country.

‘The Massey Ferguson wheeled tractors with engine power from 130 to 370 hp are in great demand among Russian farmers’, continues Nikolay Ivanishchev. ‘About 150 tractors have already been sold by AgroCentre this spring. Among them are the Massey Ferguson 7624 and the 8737 models as well as the 6713 tractor, which is a representative of a new generation of medium-power tractors for reliable agricultural work.’

Recent years have seen a complete rejuvenation of the full-line of its equipment. Many solutions have received prestigious awards. Massey Ferguson is moving towards the future of agricultural production with firm determination, as it continues to evolve advanced methods and technologies, invest in research and development. Building expertise takes time and people always striving to keep up with the time.

‘There is a dramatic step-change taking place in farming’, says William Judge, Manager, National Sales, Massey Ferguson UK & EIRE. New ideas and new opportunities are transforming agriculture forever and we are on the brink of another revolution on the land. Massey Ferguson is fully-focused on the requirements and growth of the new generation of farmers.’